Non-degree Admissions: Options and Requirements

You Think College May Be For You… But You Want to Try it Out First….

Then you may want to consider becoming a limited enrollment student. Limited enrollment status is open to persons who:

1. are 22 years of age or older with a high school diploma and/or equivalency diploma based on the GED,
2. are in good standing at all colleges where they are currently enrolled or have ever been enrolled, and
3. have not been previously denied admission or readmission to TCU.

A limited enrollment student may not enroll in more than six (6) semester hours of coursework per semester or three (3) hours per summer session. Exceptions must be approved by The Office of Extended Education. A maximum of twelve (12) semester hours may be accumulated. At that time a student may apply as a degree-seeking student or receive special permission to continue beyond the 12 hours limitation.

You want what TCU offers but you don’t need a degree…

Students interested in taking courses for academic credit but not in seeking a degree from TCU may be admitted for non-degree study. Non-degree students are held to the same standards governing academic progress (including probation/suspension) as degree students.

Non-degree status would apply to persons in the following categories:

1. taking selected classes at TCU and enrolled at another college or university
2. seeking Ranch Management certification
3. seeking only teacher certification
4. with an undergraduate degree desiring additional undergraduate coursework
5. applying as summer visiting students.

Persons who do not fit into any of these categories, but want to take credit courses, would be considered for limited enrollment status.

Click HERE to download the Non-degree Admissions application. For more information, contact TCU Extended Education at 817-257-7130.

Non-degree to degree status…

Undergraduate students who wish to change from non-degree to degree status must submit the appropriate application form obtained from the Office of Admissions. The semester hours earned as a non-degree student can be applied toward a degree program if applicable.

You want to come to class but you don’t need credit…

Then you may want to be an auditor. An auditor can “sit in” on selected undergraduate courses for no grade and no credit. Enrollment is on a space available basis. Not all courses are open to auditors; check with the Office of Extended Education for guidelines.