Coding Bootcamp
Admissions Process

To be admitted into the Coding Bootcamp at TCU, you must complete The Software Guild admissions process before the cohort start date. Due to high demand, we recommend you complete your admissions process at least five weeks prior to the cohort start date.
The Software Guild admissions process is comprised of the following steps:

1. Request Coding Bootcamp at TCU Information
An enrollment counselor will contact you to help facilitate this new chapter in your life. The admissions process is similar to a job interview. As a prospective student you should approach all interactions with the same consideration that you would give an employer. Request information and an enrollment counselor will contact you.

2. Complete Admissions Interview
An admissions interview is conducted with an enrollment counselor. This is the first real impression of you as an applicant. Applicants are expected to show their interest and commitment to learning to code via timely responses to scheduling and approaching the process with enthusiasm. Any questions you may have about the program will be answered during the interview.

3. Aptitude Assessment
The aptitude assessment is designed to measure whether an applicant has the meta skills that we have linked to success in the program. The questions are not computer specific, but expect some basic algebra, pattern recognition, logical deduction, and abstract thinking.
The aptitude test is timed and allows 1 hour for completion. Applicants who score a 16 on the test will be able to enroll and pay the registration fee.

Applicants who score below a 16 on the aptitude test will be required to pass an audition in addition to taking the Introduction To Web Development course to be accepted. The audition portion of the admissions process involves a one-on-one virtual coding session with an instructor. This is a paired programming session where you will be asked to complete a task based on the materials covered in the Introduction to Web Development course. Applicants must go through the material before auditioning.

4. Introduction to Web Development Course
All applicants will need to complete the Introduction to Web Development course. The goals of the course are to establish a baseline of knowledge for incoming students, allow potential applicants to get a feel for what web development is like and to allow Guild staff to assess the knowledge and retention of the competencies covered in the course as pre-requisites for the program. On average, the Introduction to Web Development course takes six full weeks to complete at 10-20 hours per week.

If you have any questions about the admissions steps required, Request information and an Enrollment Counselor will contact you.

TCU Office of Extended Education is partnering with The Software Guild to offer Coding Bootcamp.

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