.NET/C# Badge Level 1 — Programming Basics (two months-$2,000)

Section A. Basics (60 hours)
Learn to build and run simple computer programs in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Section B. Classes and Objects (60 hours)
Develop a fundamental grasp of object-oriented programming. Create C# classes that use inheritance and polymorphism, and test code using NUnit.

.NET/C# Badge Level 2 — Object-Oriented Programming (three months-$3,000) ($2,750 with Level 1 badge completion discount)

Section A. Intermediate (60 hours)
Expand your knowledge of types and libraries available to C# developers. You will learn to read and write to a file system, query in-memory collections and format dates.

Section B. Advanced (60 hours)
Create applications with error-handling that avoids failure even if something goes awry. Use dependency injection to decouple logical tiers of the application. Also, learn to simulate applications and isolate code for unit testing.

Section C. Mastery Project (120 hours)
Apply intermediate and advanced concepts to develop a C# application to set business specifications.

.NET/C# Badge Level 3 — Server-Side Web Development (two months-$2,000) ($1,750 with Level 2 badge completion discount)

Section A. Consuming and Creating REST Web Services (60 hours)
Host a RESTful web service using ASP.NET Web API. You will learn to make requests to a web server without re-rendering an entire webpage using Ajax functionality in a jQuery library.

Section B. Server-Side Programming (60 hours)
Explore basics of the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework. Use the framework to create a website and validate form data against business rules.

.NET/C# Badge Level 4 — Full-Stack Web Development (three months-$3,000) ($2,500 with Level 3 badge completion discount)

Section A. Database Basics (60 hours)
Create SQL server databases and SQL database queries, and model database structures using tables and constraints for referential integrity.

Section B. Full-Stack Database Application (60 hours)
Develop the know-how to move information from a database to a C# application. This section introduces you to the ADO.NET framework library and Entity Framework.

Section C. Capstone and Career Support (120 hours)
Apply all you have learned about .NET/C# development to create a realistic application. Faculty members also prepare you for a job search with mock interviews and resume assistance.

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