Scholarship Opportunities

To make the TCU Coding Bootcamp more accessible and affordable, The Software Guild offers the following three scholarships:

University Award

The $2,000 award is available to graduates of Texas Christian University. To qualify for the award, TCU alumni will need to provide documentation of their graduate or program completion status.

Women In Tech Award

The $2,000 award is available to female participants. Female students qualify based on self-identification.

Veterans Who Code Award

The $2,000 award is available to eligible military personnel in the following groups: reservists, veterans, and/or active-duty service members. To qualify for the award, students must present proof of eligibility defined as military original statement of service or certificate of release or discharge.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions
Scholarship recipients must successfully complete the admissions process and be admitted into the fully online Coding Bootcamp program and begin the course prior to December 31, 2018 to be granted award funds. Students must also be in good standing, as defined by The Software Guild and Texas Christian University. The award will be noted as a reduction to the total course fee and will be applied to the payment required to complete course registration for the full Coding Bootcamp program. Scholarships may not be combined and will not be paid directly to the student.

Tuition payment Information
1st payment of $5,000 is due to complete your enrollment into the full Web Developer Coding Bootcamp certificate program and prior to the start of part 1 of the course curriculum.
2nd and Final Payment of $5,000 is due prior to the start of part 2 of the course curriculum. Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you by e-mail upon receipt of your payment.

TCU Office of Extended Education is partnering with The Software Guild to offer Coding Bootcamp.

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