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Who facilitates the camps?
TCU Summer Camps are facilitated by experts in the subject area. For many camps, TCU is proud to be partnered with several leading organizations.
The Study Center, Inc., a leading provider of summer youth programs for children entering grades 1 through 12. They have over 20 years of experience with major institutions offering LEGO®, Computer and technology-based workshops. All of their more than 50 different courses are project-based and designed to teach STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) concepts through hands-on, interactive learning. For more information on The Study Center, click here

The SAT and ACT Summer Institutes are facilitated by Educational Testing Consultants, TCU’s partner for college prep and graduate test prep programs. For more information on Educational Testing consultants, click here

How do I determine which grade level camp?
The grades listed for camps are the grades youth will be entering in Fall 2019

My child isn’t old enough for the camp they really want—can you let them in?
The grade/age parameters are set up to group youth’s social and academic abilities. Having kids outside of the grouping can negatively impact the quality of the camp.

Where do I go for camp?
You will receive detailed information in an email several weeks prior to the camp outlining the particular classroom for the camp, parking, and what to bring.

How do I drop-off and pick-up my child?

  • Your child’s safety is our utmost concern. Youth taking more than one workshop are escorted between sessions by a member of our staff and lunch time is supervised
  • Parents/guardians must physically sign-in/out youth from the camp classroom. Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the start of the camp
  • TCU has a pick-up procedure in place that uses a computer-generated security code to protect your child.  When you pick up your child, you will be required to give the last four digits of your child’s student ID number. This nine-digit number is found on the email confirmation you received, next to your child’s name. Anyone picking up your child must be able to provide this number, otherwise the child will not be released without further authorization and identification. For convenience, you will also receive a copy of your child’s ID number on the first day of camp at check-in.
  • Punctuality is important to keep camps running on schedule, so please be prompt in dropping off/picking up your child. Plan for finding parking! If you are late picking up your child, a $1.00/minute late charge will be assessed 10 minutes after the camp ends. Payment must be provided before your child will be released

What is Extended Coverage?
Families needing to drop off kids early, pick them up later or have a place to eat lunch between camps can take advantage of TCU’s Extended Coverage options. Fees are based on a weekly basis; individual day options not available. Youth staying during lunchtime must be registered in both morning and afternoon or all-day camps and provide a non-perishable lunch and beverage (refrigeration not available). This option is not available on all camps. See specific camp information to determine availability.

  • Morning Coverage: 7:30am – 9:00am: $35/week (must be registered for a 9am camp)
  • Afternoon Coverage: 4:00pm – 5:30pm: $35/week (must be registered for a 1pm camp)
  • Supervised Lunch is provided at no cost for youth attending BOTH morning and afternoon sessions or all-day camps

What if my child gets sick during camp?
Children who become ill during camp will be taken from the classroom to TCU Extended Education and parents/guardians will be contacted to come pick up the child.  Please make sure your cell phone is turned on and will receive calls during camp!! The child may return to camp the following day if they are symptom-free. No refunds will be provided.

My child has allergies—how does TCU handle it?
If you indicated at the time of registration that your child has allergies, it will be listed on the camp roster. You may want to double-check this at check-in. In case of emergency, staff will contact 911. Please alert staff/counselors to issues. If a child requires carrying an epi-pen, please review the injection process with your child and alert staff that your child has one with them. As with all camps, please consider the risks of exposing your child to situations in a large group setting. For these reasons, TCU does not provide any type of snacks during camps to guard against allergic reactions and water is the only beverage allowed during camp.

What are your transfer/cancellation/ refund policies?
If you want to transfer to another camp section:

  • 2 weeks or more in advance: no fee
  • Less than 2 weeks: $25 fee, subject to availability

If you must cancel your registration:

  • 2 weeks or more in advance: full refund, less $25 administrative fee
  • Less than 2 weeks: no refund
  • TCU will cancel low enrollment camps no less than 1 week in advance and participants will receive a full refund.

How does TCU handle behavioral issues?
We want youth to have a great experience at camp and good behavior is critical! Staff will counsel participants and may alert parents/guardians. Participants involved in repeated bad behavior (not listening, physical altercations, disruptions, etc.) will be removed from camp immediately and no refund will be given.

What should my child wear?
Due to varying climate controls in buildings, youth may want to bring a light sweater or jacket. Some camps involve walking around campus or other outdoor activities—please make sure youth have applied sunscreen, have comfortable walking shoes and a water bottle (with water only) is always encouraged!